Single crochet stitch

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This article teaches how to work single crochet stitch. All amigurumi toys are based on it, the simplest ones use ONLY that stitch. So if you`re planning to crochet any toys you definitely need to learn it.

Please note that crochet terms in US and UK are different. In US the stitch is called single crochet, however for British it`s double crochet.

Stitch name and abbreviation:

US – single crochet (sc)

UK – double crochet (dc)

So here we go.

1. Insert the hook through the next stitch, yarn over hook, and pull it through the stitch.

insert crochet hook through stitch
yarn over crochet hook
pull up a loop of yarn

2. Yarn over hook and pull through both loops on the hook.

yarn on crochet hook
single crochet stitch completed

The first stitch is completed!

If you work them in a row your piece looks like this:

single crochet stitch
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