UMY: Your Trusted Crochet Factory with 12 Years of Expertise.

We specialize in designing crochet items for apparel, toys, home, and pet products.
Since our establishment in 2013, we’ve remained 100% dedicated to the crochet field, serving millions of customers worldwide.

We want to provide the best products to the world.

What Sets Us Apart


Jana Zhang

Dedicated to crochet for 12 years. My mission is to provide safe, creative, and heartwarming crochet products.

I want people to feel loved through crochet, nurturing imagination through creation.
Additionally, I aim to create more job opportunities in the community, driving economic growth. Through the skilled hands of artisans, I strive to showcase China’s traditional craftsmanship worldwide.

Success Strategy

We are not only manufacturers, but also focus on your business to help you achieve long-term goals

Stable and Professional Sales Team

With 5+ years of crochet product customer service, we guarantee 1-hour response time, 24/7 online support, and personalized solutions.

Strong R&D Team

Our 5-member R&D team drives innovation from market research to new sample making. With our factory, we lead in crochet product exports.

Strong QC Team

Our 5 QC experts meticulously inspect each product 3 times during production. Quality guaranteed through professional dedication.

Factory Introduction

And we have established our own controller production and R&D workshops to ensure that every production process is under control.

Crafting Safety, Creativity, and Warmth. Fostering love and imagination through crochet. With innovative design, reliable quality, and attentive service, we empower partners for easier business, better customer service.

Over 500+ Global Success Stories and Counting

We have developed rapidly in the crochet industry, mastered core technologies, and continue to grow

Dominating high-end markets, our crochet products earn widespread acclaim, boosting brand influence and revenue significantly.

Partner with UMY to create stunning crochet products featuring popular IP characters. Increase your sales with our innovative craftsmanship.

Partner with UMY for top-quality, reliable production and impeccable customization services. Let’s enhance your brand’s competitiveness.

Choose UMY for top-notch product quality, reliable supply, and excellent marketing support.

Trustworthy Certification

Our crochet products earn recognition from various organizations.

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Our Address

We warmly welcome all clients to visit our factory and witness the quality and craftsmanship of our products firsthand.

Email: info@umycn.com
Tel: 86 769 26987228


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