Preserving China's Craftsmanship: Empowering Rural Women

I’m Jana Zhang. From starting with ¥600 in Guangdong to founding our own crochet factory, it’s been a journey of passion. Witnessing rural women and disabled individuals’ exquisite crochet work inspired me to uphold our heritage. Today, UMY stands as China’s largest crochet production base, crafting 20 new designs monthly and serving global brands. Our commitment to quality and social responsibility has provided livelihoods for over 500 rural women. Looking ahead, we aim to employ 10,000 rural women, spreading warmth through crochet worldwide.

Social Responsibility

As the CEO of UMY, I extend a hand to those with disabilities, empowering them through employment and rural revitalization initiatives.
We offer a safe environment and provide crochet training, followed by job opportunities with benefits.
Over the past decade, we’ve touched the lives of 500 rural women and 100 disabled individuals, creating a more inclusive and loving crochet world.
Join me in spreading warmth and compassion!

UMY Vision

UMY Concept​

Prioritizing customers needs & interests, we tailor products & services based on their feedback & preferences.

Offering training opportunities & skill development programs to empower our employees and nurture talents, ensuring growth & excellence.

Committed to timely delivery and products quality, we fulfill promises to our customers, ensuring on-time product & service delivery.

Embracing innovation, we maintain a competitive edge, meeting evolving market needs with quality products & services.

Crochet Products are Sustainable

Crafting sustainable crochet with conscience. Join us in eco-friendly practices for stylish, harmonious products.

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