Crochet Agents Wanted
Discovering 'golden products' is just the start. UMY enhances agents' professionalism, ensuring customers receive the right products and superior experiences with guidance and after-sales support.


As a leading brand in the crochet industry, our products have provided safety and warmth to users in over 150 countries and regions for 12 years. With extensive support for agents, we’re deeply trusted.

150+ Countries and Regions

What Do We Provide

The Many Benefits of Working With UMY


200+ Ready Stock Styles
20+ New Styles/Month
Shipping within 7-15 Days
One-stop Procurement Service

200 +
Ready Stock Styles
20 +
New Styles/Month
7 -15 days
Before Shipping
1 -stop
Procurement Service


Market Insights & Marketing Plans; Annual Sales Planning

Exclusive Agent Pricing

Special Rates & Discounts for Crochet Distributors


Online & Offline Crochet Expertise Training


Local Market Insights, Abundant Products Marketing Materials

What Do You Need To Do

To ensure that our agents can become crochet products professionals, we have some minimum requirements that we hope to meet in the following areas:


Annual sales thresholds ensure ongoing sales, product familiarity, and market edge


Commitment to support the promotion of UMY crochet products in specific markets

After Sale

Provide after-sales service to customers

UMY Agent Cases

We have agents worldwide operating under various business models

DIY Craft Store

Experience Center

Online Store

Physical Store

Frequently Questions and Answers

We hope you have some familiarity with related categories such as toys, DIY, gifts, and fashion accessories, but it’s not mandatory to have prior experience with crochet. We provide professional training and guidance to all our agents.

Yes, along with promoting crochet products, we introduce potential customers to our agents. We offer various support policies including marketing materials, technical training, and after-sales service to assist agents in business development.

 As long as you are interested in the crochet industry, willing to learn and promote, have some marketing experience, love our products, and care about the environment, we support individuals to become our agents.

UMY has policies in place to protect the market share and sales profit of designated regional agents, preventing malicious competition. We establish detailed contracts and agreements, clarifying the rights and obligations between agents and the company to safeguard both parties’ interests.

Becoming a angent of UMY and resell our products in your country!

These agents are supported by UMY with the latest training, tools, knowledge, information and support. please complete this short form.


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