How to attach yarn into leftover front loops

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Follow this crochet tutorial to learn how to attach yarn into leftover front loops.

This technique is essential in amigurumi and can be applied to various toys. It allows you to add an additional layer to a crocheted piece or body part that cannot be removed. For instance, if you want to add a skirt or collar to a doll.

Remember, the added skirt or collar will be permanent. If you prefer a removable skirt, crochet it separately and do not use this technique.

To begin, leave front loops of one round unworked. These loops will be used to attach the yarn for creating the new layer.

For example, if you’re working on a body piece, skip the first loops of one round. Then, follow these steps to attach the yarn to the leftover front loops:

Hold the piece upside down.
Insert your hook into the first leftover front loop.
Fold the yarn over at about 4” / 10 cm from the tail.
Use the hook to pull the yarn through the leftover front loop.

attach yarn in front loops crochet
attach yarn in front loops crochet

Once the yarn is attached, secure it with a chain stitch. Make one or more chain stitches to prepare for continuing with single crochet or double crochet.

attach yarn in front loops crochet

Now, you can start working single crochet or double crochet around the piece to create the new layer.

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