Rainbow Teething Crochet Unicorn Wooden Sensory Toys Baby Gym

Product Include: wooden baby gym with crochet hanging toy*1

Educational Toys: The inviting soft cotton texture of the rattles offers a fun distraction for babies while stimulating the development of their visual and motor skills.
Natural Materials: The baby gym frame is made of unfinished pine wood and sanded to be silky smooth. Natural materials and neutral pallet of our baby gym create a peaceful, earthy vibe for your baby’s play zone.
Stable Structure: A basic A-frame construction with a fixing rope ensures stability while a baby is playing. No screws are used.
Easy to Pack/Assemble: Removable construction allows you to change or add more toys without additional effort and instruments.


Attribute Name Attribute Value
Item Wooden Baby Gym
Material 100% cotton,beech wood for toys, pine wood for frame
Gender Unisex
Age Range 0 to 3 Years
Usage Newborn Baby Gift

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Note: These toys are lovingly handmade and although we use consistent processes, each toy may have slight variations,

adding a unique touch to your special keepsake.


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